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job woes

January 2nd, 2007 at 03:05 pm

just rambling and venting.

My job really pissed me off this afternoon. I have worked there for seven years and for some reason they have got some bug up their butt and have written me up twice in less than two weeks. Each write up had two reasons. ON the first write up I agreed with #1 I messed up but would not agree to the second part.

The second write up was a two parter also. the first part I semi agreed with but the second part was for sitting on the lunch table. What a petty and ridiculus thing to write someone up for. And now that this is the second time work policy is that if I get written up again they have the right to let me go. So now I am terrified to even look crosse eyed at anybody since it may now be a offence that I have not been told about, but is yet my responsibility to know about as now we must be mind readers.

I am tempted to tell them to kiss my butt. but I can't afford to walk out on them. Besides that would be putting myself down to their level. So for now I just vent and yell.

3 Responses to “job woes”

  1. cindilee Says:

    Is there a new supervisor or manager or something? I wonder why after seven years they are all of a sudden on your case? I would think that if you have a good work record that even if you were written up again and for some reason let go you'd have some sort of defense after working there for seven years without incident. Good luck to you, I hope things get better!

  2. paigu Says:

    I'd suggest keeping an ear out for work gossip (ugh, I know) in case this is starting to become a trend. It might be bad signs for the company if they're looking for any silly excuse to let people go.

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    Whether you were right or wrong, you should do everything in your power to keep your job. Do your job better than you have ever done it before and make it known that you want to do a good job. Demonstrate your interest by asking for extra work or responsibilities. Document everything you do by keeping copies of all documents that pertain to the tasks so that you can prove your worth to the company.

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