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Good choices and bad choices

January 9th, 2007 at 07:22 pm

It's been a couple of days since I've written.

I applied for a position at Country Companies today for a receptionist position. Hopefully I will here from them soon. I have not heard for the Library yet. I am not really fond of the waiting game.

Spent too much money yesterday. A store is going out of business and I bought about $50.00 worth of stuff. About the only thing I NEEDED was the mattress pad for my DD's bed. It was $10.00. I bought some balloon covers for my classroom at work. And some for my kids. Also got a CD/DVD holder for the van since the old one is full and runneth over. I also bought solar light for the front yard. I have always liked these but didn't want to pay full price, Got four of them for $12.00.

Today was much better. I actually brought my lunch to work today. Then after a rough day with toddlers and looking at a 1 1/2 hour manditory staff meeting I needed (or so I thought) some comfort food for supper. So I went to Great Harvest Bread Co. and bought a loaf of cinnimon crunch bread. $4.50 for the loaf. Good Grief.
Could kick myself.

Now I need to go do something productive to the house. Some thing like washing dishes would be helpful. I hate washing dished as much as I hate to put away clothes. My next home will have a dishwasher. And within the next year or two the children will be old enough to put their own clothes away. They are already in training. Need to start them on doing dishes also. They are willing and want to help, I just can do it faster without them. Time for mom to get unlazy.

Til next time.
Happy saving.

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