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Busy, productive day

January 15th, 2007 at 02:47 pm

I managed to get many errands done and annoy my children all at the same time. My poor babies do not like to run errands with mommy. When I am in go mode I go in and get out quickly. We made 9 stops in less than 2 hours. They had drove me crazy since they woke up because they wanted to do something. After a few stops they were begging to go home. (then once we got home they wanted to do something "special") HElP ME! lol

Anyway i feel good about my accomplishments.

1. Kohls Made payment $30.00
pricing mistake refund +6.48

2. TJ Maxx Took item back +16.22

3. Target Looking for shoes, no luck

4. Cute as a Button Shoes -3.98

5. Lane Bryant 1st stop store closed yet.
2nd stop paid off card -80.72

6. Big Lotts Returned shirt +9.00
Bought bandaides -1.01

7. Meijers looked for DS shoes , no luck

8. McDonalds Lunch -12.48


Bills payed $110.72
(one credit card gone) whooo hoooo

Money back $32.70

Money spent $17.46

Not a bad day for me, money wise.

Now to get the kids and me back on a positive track.

1 Responses to “Busy, productive day”

  1. Amber Says:

    Awesome, I returned some items last week. Good job on paying off the cc's Big Grin

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