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GGGRRRRR I dislike being computer challenged

January 16th, 2007 at 07:36 pm

I had almost finished writting a minute ago and hit a wrong key and erased everything I had just typed. Uggg I really dislike when I do that. I am sure there is a way to recover it, but I sure don't know how to do it.

Anyway. What I had written before was that I am going to consider this a no spend day even though I spent $20.00 on a workbook and chapter book for a Bible Study. I consider anything spent on something that keeps me in Gods Word and helps me grow in my christian walk as PRICELESS.

I ate the school lunch today, so no "old McDonalds" as my young DD calls it. Go Me.

Now I am going to clean the kitchen floor. It needed to be swept and mopped anyway, but is in desperate need now since I bumped into the table and knocked a glass on the floor and it shattered into a million pieces.

Gave away several things on Freecycle. The last item on this bunch should be picked up tomorrow. With so much stuff going out the door into the dumpster and Goodwill and Freecycling you would think that I would notice some available space in my house. I must have more crud than I thought I did. It will be nice when I can actually notice a differenc.

1 Responses to “GGGRRRRR I dislike being computer challenged”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hey, don't feel bad. That's happened to me plenty of times too. And it isn't just to blogs either. Email is another big one for.

    What I've learned is that, anything that takes longer than 5 minutes, I will type it all out on a simple text editor first. (Windows' notepad or Mac's TextEdit will do.) That way, you'll already have a draft copy that won't disappear on you. That also gives you a much bigger window to work with.

    Once that's done, I'll copy and paste it to the actual text box, and send it away. If something should happen to it, I'll just paste it again.

    Hope that helps!

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