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January 17th, 2007 at 11:29 am

I have been looking for another job for several months now. This job pays the bills and gives me benefits, but I am burnt out in the childcare field.

I put in a application at the Library for a children's librarian and just called to see where they were in the hiring process and they have chosen applicants and are in the interview process. I asked if I had not heard from them then I could assume I was not one of the chosen ones and she said correct. BUMMER>

I immediately got on the puter and pulled up e-bay and was looking at things and then realized that I was just looking to spend money to try to make myself feel better, so I logged off of there and logged on here. Now I do feel better about myself.

I ate lunch again at work. no $$$$ spent.

One of my goals for tonight is to go through all the papers that are piled up in stacks and boxes and weed out what is important and see how many bills have been hidden and are now late. I really hate when my meds no longer work and It is time for a change. I don't notice the depression until I am burried and it takes a bulldozer to dig my way out. I have to stop this because it is probably destroying my credit score. I want to be able to buy a house by 2010.

My goal by the weekend is to have deleted what I have on Quicken that I started in September '05 and to have restarted it with info from Jan '06.

I have also started a Bible Study again. For some reason (Iknow what it is) I am more focused when I am in God's word.

2 Responses to “Bummed”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Don't feel bad about that job Nitajaye, it's just possible the ones they are interviewing were VERY qualified in children's lit - and maybe they won't be available and it could still come your way or God has something better for you just around the corner.

  2. marymara Says:

    I am sorry you are feeling so badly. I am sure your mood will improve soon. Winter is a terrible time for moods. Spring is coming in about 65 days or so.

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