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temporary insanity

April 15th, 2007 at 11:41 pm

It is 1:30 a.m. here and what am I doing? I am on the computer. How nuts is that.

I agreed to watch 5 of my frieds 6 children yesterday. Plus my 2. It is always an adventure. Usually of a positive note.

It was their dads birthday so I took all, yes I typed all, of them to the Dollar Tree to get presents for him.

They each got to pick one item for him of their choice. They had so much fun and I enjoyed the looks on peoples faces as they realized i was there with 7 children under the age of 9.

Cost $10.00 plus tax (card and Bag included) the look on his face at some of the things they picked out for him, Priceles. Smile

The down note from the day was several toys were broken and someone, MY DS, spilled juice on the computers keyboard.

GGGRRRRRRRR. He knows better to have juice at the computer, let alone get on without asking. Then he didn't tell me he spilled and i found out about it after he was in bed. (which probably saved his life ) so now these keys ( ii7890=) are all sticky and slow to move. any ideas on how to unstick them?

Well I need to get to bed. But have slept from 8:30 till 1:00 so am really not tired. but it will catch up later so good night everyone.

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