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Job Decision

April 26th, 2007 at 01:50 pm

I had told you in one of my last blogs that I had accepted a job that was to start on mOnday. Well I have decided not to take it.

I am working with an organization called Career LInk and they are helping me with resumes and cover letters and I just did a moch interview with them, (that was interesting). I told them that I had taken the job and we talked out the pros and cons of starting a job that I really do not want and how it will hinder me being able to do a job search for the place I really want to be. That is State FArm or Country Financial. State FArm has a HR person that they work with and I went to one of her classes on interviewing and I KNOW HER.

Career LInk thinks I have a good shot at getting a job at State Farm and they are hiring at Country and doing interviews next week for a position I qualify for. So I called the other job and told them something came up and I would not be taking the position. I am hoping I did the right thing. I feel some peace about it. I think I am just needing someplace to work to feel total peace.

On the bright side today I cashed a check for $35.00 for helping at my friends in home daycare. and recieved a check for $145.00 for doing some foster care respite a few weeks ago. SWEET

$170.00 total

I did go to Tuesday Morning and bought three things Total was about $30.00.

So actually total in was $140.00.

I'll take it.

1 Responses to “Job Decision”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    Best wishes to you in getting the best job for your situation!

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